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以下から僕のYoutube チャンネルに飛べます。ぜひ、チャンネル登録お願いします。

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『So I started youtube』

Since I moved to Berlin in 2015, I decided to focus on my artistic practices. 2019 was a year filled with art projects and exhibitions in Tokyo, Berlin and in China. Although these projects took me olut of the studio, I always tried to find time to paint and develop my artworks.

This year, I feel like I’m out of the whirlwind, and feel a bit more relaxed. This gave me time to sit back and think about my next step as an artist.

Up until now, I thought the painting was the product of the process, and it was best to show the finished painting. However, I came to realize that, as an artist in the modern-day world, it is also important to reveal the process of the making.

So I decided to start a youtube channel to share the process. I’m going to be uploading new videos every Friday. I hope you enjoy the video and please subscribe to this channel.

Thank you!

xx Kensuke Saito



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