Youtubeで絵の制作について語る / I talk about my painting on Youtube


I created a text version of my video from March 28th.


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《以下、文字起こし》《Text version below.》


Good morning from Berlin! This is Ken.


So I was working on a painting from January 3rd to February 1st. It took about a month to finish this painting, and I filmed the process of this painting into several videos.


In my case, I take quite long in finishing a piece so I ended up with a lot of progress videos. I am going to separate them into several videos and gradually upload them as I edit these.


I listen to a lot of techno music while I paint.


In my previous video, I explained that I have severe hearing disabilities. A music that a person like me can enjoy…ummm no


I feel like there is music suited for people like me to enjoy. Oddly enough, there are days when I listen to music all day and paint.


Why do I do this? I’lll explain further in my upcoming videos.


I feel like art and the hearing disability is somewhat linked very deeply inside me. I’m going to get into further details about it in my upcoming videos. I feel like, it would be meaningful.

今回は2020年の1月3日と4日の2日間の制作風景を動画にまとめて流します流れる音楽はベルリン在住のSJ Tequillaの音楽を流します

So today. I will stream the progress video from January 3rd and 4th. It’s me working in the studio. The music used in this video is made by a musician based in Berlin.


I will link their infos below, so if you are interested. please check them out. So here we go.


It’s the day 1 of the video so I tried to keep it simple. From the next video, I’m going to do a timelapse over several days. Hope to try different things throughout this channel. See you again next week! From Berlin.




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