A day of an artist | 絵描きの日常


I created a text version of my video from April 17th. ↓↓↓↓ Please check out my Youtube channel (En + Jp) ↓↓↓↓


Hi, this is Ken from Berlin.


From the 20th of January, I had to leave the studio, and I was staying over at my friend’s place.


Luckily, they had studio space there, so I was able to continue my artwork.


As to why I had to leave the house was….because they found some problems in the water pipes in the building. They decided that all the water pipes in the building had to be replaced. It’s a serious renovation


but, toilets don’t flush. and I can’t use showers. I can’t cook either. There was no water available during this time. so I left the studio and I’m working here today.


Although there are troubles like this, I try to find the time and space to keep creating. Actually having that creative time, allows me to keep my balance.


Painting is not something I do when something special happens. I keep painting, through the good and the bad.


I try not to be influenced by my emotions or feelings. I just do it one day at a time, slowly, and surely. I feel like there is the important thing, beyond all this.


So I jokingly say sometimes. I paint on rainy days and sunny days. It’s literally like this. It’s literally like this.


It’s almost like a farmer, working every day in the fields. You build one day at a time.  You layer one color at a time.


That’s it for today. It has been 22 days since we started the in progress videos. We’re almost done. In the next video, I will be able to show the final painting.


Thank you for watching! See you next week!








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